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Colombia Jose Giraldo Pink Bourbon Natural 120

Colombia Jose Giraldo Pink Bourbon Natural 120

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Tasting Notes: Cherry winegum, rosemary, lime

Processing: Carbonic Maceration Natural

Producer:  Jose Giraldo

Location:  Acevedo, Huila, Colombia

Altitude: 1650masl

Varietals: Pink Bourbon

Bio: This is an offering we’ve kept just to our wholesale menu. This week, I decided to roast a little extra and put a few boxes up for y’all :)

(Excerpt from Red Rooster Coffee)

José Giraldo, founder of the Colombian Coffee company Café 1959, brings science, technology, and tradition together to produce extraordinary award winning coffees. José is know for his innovative and unique experimental processes as well as his focus on sustainability.

This coffee was selectively picked when perfectly ripe, hand sorted, and immediately placed in sealed tanks to begin the anaerobic fermentation process. After the 12 hour journey to La Clarita, the cherries were moved to sealed tanks at the processing center for an additional 108 hours of natural carbonic maceration. The coffee was carefully sun dried down to 10.5% moisture before being vacuum packaged for export.

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