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mystery coffee

mystery coffee

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scp is participating in a roasting competition hosted by forward coffee. it’s a game designed to foster healthy competition among roasters while also promoting discussion around the global price of coffee - especially within the specialty coffee realm.

each roaster buys an entry to the lottery at 30/kg and receives a mystery coffee. we’re given no data and asked to roast it to the best of our abilities and submit it for grading. each coffee is then scored and the top few scoring coffees receive prizes.

you can read more about the competition here: forward lottery competition

i thought it would be fun to extend the competition to a few of y’all. you’ll be sent the mystery coffee that i roasted for the competition. you’ll have zero info on the coffee (just like me). you’ll then cup or brew the coffee trying to determine the following things:

  • what part of the world is this coffee from? (americas, africa, asia)
  • what country is the coffee from?
  • how was it processed? (washed, natural, honey, other)
  • what do you taste? (write up to 3 tasting notes for the coffee)

you’ll receive a point for each correct answer. highest score wins. everyone else tastes a great coffee and gets to experience a fun exercise in palette development.


1st place: $50 SCP Gift Card

2nd place: $25 SCP Gift Card

answers are due by Feb 19th. once coffee info is released by forward coffee the following week, I’ll announce winners.

*this is inspired by leaderboard coffee who have created a super fun and educational coffee game*

** after you order, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to submit your answers **

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