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El Salvador El Manzano Honey Gesha

El Salvador El Manzano Honey Gesha

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Tasting Notes: Green Tea, caramel, buttery

Processing: Natural

Producer:  Emilio Lopez Diaz

Location:  Santa Ana, El Salvador

Altitude: 1300-1550masl

Varietals: Gesha

Bio: This is our first year sourcing coffee from Emilio and his team through Odyssey Coffees. They have established an incredible operation, handling every aspect of the coffee’s journey - farming, processing/milling, exporting & importing.

Odyssey is not only producing great coffee but giving back to their community through local initiatives they’ve established. They also are reaching out to other farmers in the area offering mentorship in better farming practices resulting in higher quality coffees and better prices for those coffees through the network of buyers they’ve established.

This coffee is beautiful. Every note is subtle but works together to create a balanced and clean cup.

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