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Ethiopia Dumerso 72hr Washed Extended Fermentation

Ethiopia Dumerso 72hr Washed Extended Fermentation

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Tasting Notes: Cherry limeade, honeydew, jasmine

Processing: Extended Fermentation Washed

Producers: Hirut Berhanu

Location: Gedeo, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Altitude: 1880-2200masl

Varietals: Kurume, Wolisho, Dega and other heirloom varieties

Bio: (An excerpt from our friends at Catalyst Trade who we sourced this coffee from)

Our extended Fermentation process starts out like a typical washed processed coffee—filling the fermentation tank with pulped parchment and then covering withwater. This is where things get interesting!

Rather than a typical 24 to 48-hr cycle with water changed roughly every 12
hours, we intentionally retain the water through the fermentation process. This
not only saves water (essential considering the negative ecological consequences of washed coffee processing in Ethiopia), but also creates a unique enzymatic environment. We then monitor closely for a controlled interval to prevent over-fermentation and souring while developing the coffees to their fullest potential.

Next, we introduce the coffee to a Double Fermentation Interval outside of
the submerged fermentation process. This allows us to target desired enzymatic reactions which tend to be fruited and explosive, while retaining articulation and not leaning into over-fermented characteristics.

As with other washedprocesses, after the fermentation cycles are completed and the
parchment has been scrubbed, we move it to the drying beds, monitoring and ensuring even distribution of sunlight and airflow.

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