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Ethiopia Hada Molecha Limited O2 Natural

Ethiopia Hada Molecha Limited O2 Natural

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Tasting Notes: Blackberry cider, candied orange, jelly beans

Processing: Limited Oxygen Natural

Producers: Various Smallholder Farmers

Location: Gedeo, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Altitude: 1950-2150masl

Varietals: 74148, Kurume, Dega, Wolisho, 74110, 74165, 74112

Bio: It’s been a minute since I brought in a natural Ethiopia for y’all. It’s an anaerobic but you wouldn’t know if I didn’t tell ya. It’s very sweet & clean. She’s giving purple fruits. Blackberry, plum. Finishes with come citrus and sugary sweetness that reminds me of jelly beans.

Hope y’all enjoy :)

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