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Ethiopia Hamasho Black Honey

Ethiopia Hamasho Black Honey

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Tasting Notes: Sweet florals, manuka honey, thyme tea

Processing: Black Honey

Producers: Faysel Abdosh

Location: Hamasho, Bensa, Sidama, Ethiopia

Altitude: 1920-2330masl

Varietals: 74/110, 74/158, 74/160, 74/165, Setami

Bio: This coffee is a stunner. It’s subtle but will deliver a clear & sparkling cup. Naunced with florals & herbs - it has a honey-like sweetness and some subtle tropicals in the finish.

This is a prototype of the kind of coffee that made me fall in love with this industry. It’s light bodied, unassuming, and you can bring out different elements of it each time you brew.

I won this coffee at a Best of Ethiopia type auction. It’s one of the most expensive coffees I’ve bought - but I’m offering it at an approachable price so more of y’all can enjoy!

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